May 16, 2019

We’ve discussed how assets pass after death in previous posts on our blog, but how do we know when a probate is actually required?

The assets owned by a deceased person can be split into two separate categories: probate assets and non-probate assets.

Non-probate assets are those assets that have a beneficiary or pay-on-death designation, have a joint owner who has a right of survivorship, or those assets administered by a trust....

April 1, 2019

When we talk about estate planning, we often talk about who should inherit your assets after you’ve passed away. But what happens if you die with debt? Will your loved ones be responsible for paying back your debt?

The laws pertaining to the repayment of debt after death are defined by each individual state, but the basic rule in Minnesota states that the debt of person dies with him or her. In short, your estate is responsible...

February 14, 2019

Meeting with an estate planning attorney can seem overwhelming. And when your attorney starts using terms like “intestate succession,” “attorney-in-fact,” or “probate,” it can feel like they are speaking a different language. In this article, we’ll break down some of the terminology that you may hear during an initial estate planning consultation.

A health care directive is a legal document in which you designate someone to mak...

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