October 18, 2019

The Minnesota legislature just passed a new law relating to Electronic Certificates of Value, more commonly known as "eCRVs". Under the current legislation, an eCRV must be filed when Minnesota real property is sold or conveyed for consideration greater than $1,000. The new law goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and will raise the minimum consideration amount to $3,000.

An eCRV is a current record of the value of Min...

October 3, 2019

We’ve previously discussed how a Transfer-on-Death Deed ("TODD") can be a good tool for avoiding probate and simplifying the estate administration process in certain circumstances. We know that in order to be valid, a TODD must expressly state that the deed is only effective upon the death(s) of one or more grantor owners, transfer the real property interest to one or more grantee beneficiaries, and must comply with all provis...

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